Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011 : IAmVeryHyperToday!

Yup, very very very hyper, you know why? I am very very very confuzzled. Well, actually, I guess I`m not, that's the problem. Not going to say why but that I thought I was over it, ya'know? But,while my head has decided that the part of my brain that makes emotions hasn't. Problem is I can't stand to be upset, so, I get hyper therefore I am happy! This is good, right? I dunno, I hope this works out. I was right, fun fun. That's crap. You know, I thought I was being paranoid. However, I do wish him luck. How sad is that? Shouldn't I be cursing his name? Hoping he dies? Yea no, I don't wish that on anyone! Which SUCKS! It's like, I should be hoping he is dead but noooo still want him not like living in hell. Gesh.
On the bright side, it was all lies. So I have nothing to miss.....
Or at least, he doesn't.