Monday, June 27, 2016

It Itchessss!

Over the weekend before last I got in, what I was told was, a serious car crash. I'm comparatively fine, but oh my god my wrist itches! I sprained my wrist and the doctor gave me a fun wrist wrap to wear. He mentioned that it was mostly cosmetic so, the genius I am, I took it off after three days and somehow made my wrist worse that night. I've worn the wrap since, but seriously it itches so bad. So now, on top of a pained wrist, I have a wrap that is oddly warm and itches. It's not fun.

The worst part isn't even the pain it's the annoyance that I need Bradley's help all the time. Carrying heavy things, opening tight sodas, opening doors if I'm using my right arm to hold something. A couple of weeks ago he called me fragile, his theory being that I've hurt myself so much for that reason. So, in protest, I've been 'making' him do all of the manual labor. It's seriously frustrating that now he's right. Ugh.

Hopefully this obnoxious pain will go away soon, but it's been a day over a week now and I think it's getting worse*.

*I'm sure I'm exaggerating on that.