Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Home Sweet Home

At my house we are constantly doing projects, we do about one a month and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Out of all of the things we’ve done so far, much of it is small. However, our kitchen has undergone a lot of work. 

Our first project ever we decided to tackle the kitchen cabinets. Why we picked such a huge project to start with I have no idea but we got it all done, and I think our kitchen looks great. The goal of the project was to strip and repaint all of the cabinetry, it had been painted over many many times and was getting worse for wear. Inspired by Monica Geller’s kitchen I decided, and Bradley-Boo agreed because it meant less work for him, to not put back up the cabinet doors on the upper cabinetry. I am happy I did that every day because it is amazing! All of our dishware is easy to get to and it looks nice. My only complaint is that all of our food is on display, but at the moment there’s not really a solution to that. A tip for anyone looking to do this? It’s going to take time and money, but do it right. I interact with my kitchen cabinetry every day, it would be a huge bummer if we’d done a bad job at it. 

We decided to repaint it white after stripping it, but we recently decided that we think it would look better just the wood. The whole house has a wood trim, and if we got the stain right it would match. However, that is a project for another time. Definitely not until after our wedding. In the meantime, our kitchen looks clean and it’s a conversation starter for anyone who walks in the door because they see the kitchen cabinetry.

As a little mini project of my own about three nights ago I put up nails for measuring cups. I felt a little genius-y and used masking tape on the counter to measure out where the nails should be. Then I put that tape on the wall, hammered the nails in, ripped off the tape, and viola! hanging measuring cups. 

Last month we worked on repainting most of the house. We did the kitchen, living room, and main hallway. The main reason we chose to do this was because the kitchen had a line of tile at about hip height across all of it. I remember when I first saw the house- it was an eyesore and has bugged me since. 

However much it bugged me, it was fairly annoying to get off. After popping off the tile we had to use putty to make the wall flat. The putty dried, we sanded it, and it wasn’t until after the first coat of paint that we realized the wall wasn’t flat. All in all it was a mess, but it was completely worth it. 

We took about 45 minutes of time in the Home Depot to decide on paint color. I had been thinking of blue, but BB didn’t want to do a blue because my little sister (who had lived with us at the time) had just started to paint the hallway to the basement blue and he didn’t want a blue house. We decided on a bright orange for the kitchen, and a lighter and a darker orange-beige for the accent walls and living room/hallway. It worked out wonderfully, the house is very bright and open With the exception of the fireplace, I feel back at home in Florida. 

Coming soon in Alex’s home makeover… This month’s project is more maintenance than anything else, we’re cleaning up the fireplace. However, we’re also working on rearranging the furniture in the living room and changing our office into a guest bedroom. In the long term, we need to finish the stairwell and one basement room. I’m hoping to also get the room next to the basement room finished, but it is completely open to the garage so we will see. 

Why the sudden need for all of these guest bedrooms?

BB and I are getting married in April, or May depending on our venue’s availability when we finally book, and all of my family is out of state (except my little sister, she’s only 2 hours away). When my family visits they traditionally stay with me, and since I’m living in the house my parents own they will obviously stay with us as well. I want to have plenty of accommodations because while us youngins can sleep on an air mattress in the living room the real adults can’t do that. Besides, we have to do these projects anyway, and it makes our home nicer!

XO Lovelies! 

Originally posted on tumblr.