Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011: The day the world refuses to let me not be mad

So this morning I was especially mean and prissy to SGB, it just bugs me he is so carefree when he sits there and lies, all day, everyday. He noticed (shocker, he really is a genius not, if he would admit he's not that brilliant he would actually be a lot smarter) and didn't hesitate to point it out, well he noted I was being prissy, not that it was only to him. I pointed that out, he shut up. I had gotten happier and all 'yey! my horoscope was wrong!' But then James, urgah! So.Mad.At.Him. So we were doing a lab in AP Bio, and were playing around (mature and safe, I know right!) and I 'whipped him' with the dialysis tube, plastic wrap tube filled with water, and then he's like, "Don't do that, you won't like my response. I mean it."So, of course, I did it again. Sounds really stupid and 5 year old like but at the time we were playing around and laughing. Apparently, what I wouldn't like him doing was (this part was removed due to the interwebs portion and the fact that there are like 2 people it would be a really bad thing if they knew)>:( I am going to kill him, legit, slapped him like 3 times. To be honest it probably didn't hurt him, or make me feel better, but its just what you do. And the thing is, I can't tell my mom or dad because Dad would over-react and Mom would tell him. Told Madi, and telling all of you, but no-one reads this so I`ve pretty much told Madi and that's how its gonna stay.
ps- my horiscope:

You can feel free to ignore, and move away from, negative energy today.

You are feeling incredibly moody today -- so much so that you may bite the hand that feeds you! Try not to get too snarly when you don't get your way. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.